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Samsung about to launch second folding smartphone

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Samsung is gearing up to launch its second folding smartphone with out-folding mechanism.

Samsung unveiled its first folding smartphone this year. It was set to release folding phone alongside Samsung Galaxy S10 but after the issue encountered with the display of the phones, Samsung holds its launch and refunds all the money of the customers who Pre-Ordered the phone. Now new reports says that Samsung is ready to launch its second folding smartphone with out-folding mechanism.

The launch date of second device is not set yet but Samsung’s supplier already started mass production of the new device parts and the devices are going to launch before Huawei’s Mate X. But the huawei is stuck in the trade war between US and China which resulted into losing full access to licensed version of Android.

It will reportedly launch is early 2020 but the mass production of new device will start in late 2019.

Problem with Samsung Galaxy Fold

The major issue with Galaxy Fold is relate with screen. The screen flickering and blackout problem is occurred during initial period.

The problem started when user removes the screen protective film from screen. It looks like the film is maintaining the integrity of the display and one must not remove that film. Samsung not given any warning regarding film on its review units. Many reviewers share their reviews about display problems through social media like YouTube and Twitter.

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