Wed. Sep 18th, 2019



U.S to resume trade with China after G20 Summit

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The G20 summit happened in Japan, during that US President Donald Trump meets China President Xi Jinping. Trump said that US will resume trade with China and US companies would permitted to resume sales to Huawei.

Earlier this year, Trump stops sells between US and foreign companies like Huawei due to security issues. But after G20 meeting, Trump told reporters that he will talk with US officials to ease some pressure on Huawei. But when it will happen and what steps are going to take are still unclear.

In the US-China trade war Huawei is caught and US government banned company because their ties with the Chinese Government which could be threat to US. After trump’s order, US companies like Google pulled Company’s Android License, Microsoft stops selling Huawei Laptops and chipmaker companies stops supplying parts.

The countries will reportedly resume talks soon, and presumably, how the US handles Huawei will be a central part of that discussion.

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