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Made In India iPhones to Hit Stores Next Month

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Apple’s top end assembled in India models likely to hit Indian stores in next month according to report. The models like iPhone XS and XR are manufactured by Foxconn in India and expected to hit market by august. But Apple India yet to confirm the news.

Manufacturing iPhones in India can save Apple from paying high taxes levied on import devices and also decrease the price of iPhones in India.

Apple’s devices are used by millions of users in India but its market share to meagre 1 percent due to its premium prices of devices.

Currently iPhone XS price starts from ₹97,400 and XR starts from ₹ 59,900.00 via Amazon India.

Few months ago, it was reported that Apple iPhone X will be made in India starting from July 2019. Apple is looking to make India a hub of manufacturing and exporting iPhones to global market. Foxconn will begin with iPhone X and above lineup from Chennai plant.

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